Creole Red

Ben Ronniger Last updated on Jun 21, 2024 by

Harvests in early summer - stores 7-8 months

Creole Red is distinctively different from Burgundy and Ajo Rojo because of its unique shallot-like flavor and in that it sometimes has fewer cloves per bulb some years. In the number of cloves, Creole Red is sometimes like the Porcelain garlics with few but really big cloves. They are striking to look at. As its name might imply, it grows quite well in southern climates.

Creole Red has a crisp and rich shallot-like flavor flavor and yet with enough pungency to let you know you're eating a real garlic but not so hot as to be painful. In a normal year I would say the flavor is about an 6 on a scale of 10 and the hotness rates about a 3 but with a distinct shallot-like flavor. Creole Red is an excellent all-around garlic for raw or cooked use and stores well. 

The size all Creole garlics grow to depends on where they grow as they require as much direct overhead sunlight as they can get.  Most of them have grown in the Caribbean area the last 500 years and they get real big when grown down South but rather small when grown in the north because they cannot get the intense sunlight they need.

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